156 weeks, 1096 days, 400205 hours….

No matter how you put it, it’s the best three years of my life. 

Three months after my mission and only two short days after Nate’s, we both went to work at Mountain America Credit Union. I went to work thinking I would only be working there a short while until I left back on my mission. Nate came thinking it was a job to get him through college. Neither came thinking of meeting a spouse. 
I remember walking in and being the first of the trainees to arrive and then two others showed up, then this cute boy with glasses walked in and I remember thinking these exact words, “this boy is trouble.” 
As fate would have it, in orientation we were assigned to sit by each other. I didn’t think anything of it until the next day as we started teller training and he sat by me again. “Oh great,” I thought  “he totally likes me.” (How arrogant was I?! But also right) 
By day three of training I was telling my mom and friend about this boy named Nate, and that I thought I might like him… Crazy. My head was spinning with thoughts of my mission and how everything was supposed to play out. Nate was throwing a wrench into my plans. 
Thursday’s training was the history of the credit union and the trainer, Jay, still says that was the worst class he’s ever taught… He even asked if he needed us to be separated because we were talking and flirting so much. 
Friday came and I was panicking when he asked to walk me to my car. I knew he was going to ask me out and that was his plan, until he stepped in tar and I took off walking fast and got in my car as fast as I could. Nate gave me a really awkward thumbs up and went to his car… I was so relieved! I’d dodged a bullet and my plan for my future was still on. 
Then Monday came and I was in a new training class for loans while Nate stayed in teller training. Over the weekend I panicked and told my mom I didn’t really like him and that I was glad he didn’t ask me out. Tuesday Nate saw me in the lunch room and told me I’d forgotten stuff in the teller training classroom and said he’d come with me to get it. “Here it comes” I thought. And there was no way of avoiding it with out being rude, so when Nate asked me out, I said yes, and he added my number to his phone with his hands shaking. (Hahaha so adorable!!) 
My mom had always told me I had to say yes at least once to a boy asking me out, but only because it probably took a lot of guts to ask… So for the first date I planned to wear something that didn’t match and asked my roommates if my shirt looked better tucked in or out. They said in, so I left it out.  I did not want to give him any reason to ask me out again. 
Our first date was a blast! And thanks to Chris Hill, Nate was going to get a second date. (I’ve always wanted to go to the roof restaurant, and instead of going there we went to an exclusive room for only the General Authorities’ family members to use as a reception hall after their wedding right across from the roof, with a spectacular view of the temple!) we had Tim Tam Slams and watched a choir (I’m not sure who because we were laughing the whole time at the faces in the organ) perform at the tabernacle. It was full of great conversations, so much laughing, the spirit, and one very special moment that changed our plans for the future. 
I told Nate on our drive up to salt lake (yes he drove from centerville, picked me up in Provo at my apartment, and then to  salt lake and back all for our first date!) that ultimately all I wanted to be was a mom, and I could see in his countenance that he instantly made up his mind about me. 
We went on several other dates and after a lot of letting go of what I wanted in exchange for what God wanted, we were married.
The thing about all this though, is that I thought I loved him then. I thought that day I met him that he had the potential to change my eternity, and he did. I thought I had a perfect plan for me that God wanted too, and then I found Nate… The most faithful man alive. The man that judged no one, the man who gave everything he could to the church, the man who I had been praying for, the man who I loved when I first saw him but was too afraid to admit. I’m sorry Nate, but I think I loved you first. 🙂 

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