Today I’m counting my blessings… 21 to be exact. Today was retrieval day and the snow was terrible! We left for our appointment 2 hours early and made it just twenty minutes early. That’s a lot of driving!!

The retrieval went great! I got praised from the anesthesiologist that I was brave and then the next thing I knew Nate and Carrie were in the room with me laughing at my slurred speech. Luckily everything was making sense, but nothing sounded quite like English. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, recovery went quickly and the nurse said I looked better after than when I came in! I felt better too! Way less stressed!

Anyway they were able to retrieve 21 eggs! So that was incredible!

I spent most of the day being so grateful for those little eggs that could potentially be a kid one day! Then the Dr. called….

of the 21 eggs, 17 were mature (that’s normal for not all of them to be mature, and if i remember correctly you can usually expect about half of the mature ones to grow successfully.) Then when the performed ICSI and went to transfer those seventeen into a place for cultures… they noticed that there was something not quite right about them… Well 12 of the 17. So now we’re down to five. Not going to lie or sugar coat this at all… it was a devastating blow. We’ve come so far and gotten so much bad news with this that I just was really praying for something to go right.

That’s not to say I’m not thankful for this process, because I am SO thankful that we have this option, but wow if only we could have some good news that stayed good news.

Regardless though, I want to count my blessings! I am so grateful for so many things… so here’s a list of 21 of them!

1. God
2. Nate
3. Family (all of them!)
4. Remington
5. Dr. Blauer
6. Dr. Blauer’s nurses Tami and Barb
7. The whole staff at Reproductive Care Center
8. Footsteps for Fertility for making this all an option for us.
9. Everyone who has donated time, effort, energy, money, anything and everything to make this a possibility.
10. God’s plan (as hard as it may be, I know I need to trust more in His divine plan for me, because he’s going to make everything right in the end.)
11. Stacey
12. The “anonymous” donors who gave us so much more than just a chance at having a baby, but an example of true charity.
13.The 21 eggs the doctors retrieved
14. The 17 that were mature
15. The 5 that were fertilized and growing! (Keep praying for these little ones please!)
16. My job that has been so flexible and helpful to me.
17. Nate’s job for being such a great job for him, and to financially support us like it does.
18. Our ward who have been such great supporters as well
19, How have I not listed our incredible FRIENDS!?
20. Our amazing apartment
21. The Horsley’s for letting us move in to their basement and being such great landlords!

All of these things/people/events have made us be where we are today! And while we are disappointed that the good news isn’t always sticking around, we are grateful there is some good news!

Sorry that the beginning doesn’t show how truly grateful I am, but instead how truly human I am.


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  1. Thank you for letting me share in your day today! I was so honored! You two are incredible to do all of this and are so strong! I know the news tonight was difficult, but we are praying for good news for tomorrow. We love you so much and I am learning so much from your examples! Thank you for sharing your normal human feelings ๐Ÿ˜‰ We are praying with faith and hope!

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