Episode 2 – Ice Cream

Nate & Kas review, “Frozen,” and, “Lone Survivor.” They also talk about memories they have that are associated with different senses and give a quick update on their new job. Nate tries his best, and fails, to not break down in tears when talking about how  one of his best friends is leaving for medical school.

The picture of Remi was taken during the recording of the podcast and is for your reference. You’ll understand.



1 comment on “Episode 2 – Ice Cream

  1. Worst ending EVER!!! 😉 You two are amazing! It is so fun to listen to you two talk about anything and everything. We are going to miss you two so much! In that last minute you totally just made me bawl. You two are such great examples, and we are so excited that you have found something that is so satisfying for you two, and something you can do together. This was literally our evening activity tonight, it was like a movie. We just got treats and listened. Keep them up, we want to hear all about everything. Can’t wait to visit you guys…on campus? In compound? At you new apartment. we love you two.
    aazszsaaaaaaaaaaaazzdswqasssssssss. That is a personal message from Olivia, she loves you too. 🙂

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