Adoption Day: The most Anticipated Day

As if it needs to be said, this was the best day of our lives. Of course our marriage was amazing, and the most powerful day of our lives… But this had such a build up. Our whole marriage we’d been waiting for our children, and here it was, a day to be able to say both the law and God recognized we’re parents. It was amazing and a true miracle. The most tender mercy we’ve ever had, and you can see why in this video. I’m unbelievably grateful to  be able to have her for this Christmas, and to be able to learn from her. Eternity doesn’t seem long enough for me to absorb all she has to teach me.

We know she is destined for great things. We can feel it, and everyone, even strangers seem to sense it too. She draws people in where ever we are. I can’t go anywhere with her without hearing how happy she seems. Truly no where. Complete strangers often take the time to talk to her and play with her, and often she’s held by strangers as well. (We try to be very cautious with that, just to make sure we’re clear.)

Here’s the video of her adoption day. Grab a few tissues and enjoy the sweetness! Thanks Garrett, for all your hard work on this!

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