….And we’re back!

Haha So the day we posted the last post about getting me through, we threw in the towel, called it quits and came home! It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made to move to Texas, and also to move home. Sales just wasn’t for us. And we’ve been so blessed since we’ve been home!

We made it to our niece’s birth which is a memory I’ll always treasure! I’m so glad to have made it home for that. We’ll always be sad we missed Aiden’s first birthday and all the other things we missed out on while we were gone, but we were so glad to have gone and met the amazing people we did! We learned so much in the short little month and so much now that we’re home too.

Nate got a job back with the credit union and is working in the mortgage department again. Me? I’m still looking for a job with a good fit. But it’ll come soon I hope!

And that’s about it. We’re doing great and if we haven’t seen you since we left… lets get together and catch up! (not much of a post I know…)

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