Letters to our Littles: Our First Little

Kyrie 9 Month ProfileDear Kyrie,

This morning while cuddling you to sleep for your first nap I had an overwhelming feeling. There is no way to describe it because I don’t believe there are words that exist on earth that are rich enough in meaning. I am filled with a love that is deeper than the word’s meaning. So I’ve decided that God must have a language far greater than any spoken here.

Your name is the name of a Greek prayer which means “save, God” or “without God.” This is so important to remember when I think of the feelings I feel towards you. Without God, I wouldn’t have you in my life. Which means I wouldn’t have as much meaning. That leads to never knowing that love is not a deep enough word. Without God, I could never feel as whole because I would never have had you as a daughter.

When I think of how God must feel towards you, I can’t help but know there must be another language. Heavenly Father couldn’t have created a being like you without having words to describe you… And Kyrie, there are no words in this world that describe you better than Kyrie.

So, as weak as the following words are, please understand, they’re all I know: I love you. Without you, our family would not be so complete. Without you, our lives would be much harder. Without you, I would understand Christ’s love much less. I wouldn’t understand the purity of God’s love, and I would miss a part of my being. Thank you for being you.

Love always (or until I learn a better word),


PS: I can’t wait to find our other littles. I am positive you will only make my being more whole, and put me at an even bigger loss for words. I love you all.

Letters to our Littles- First letter from Mom

Dear Littles,

Today I want you to know how impatient I am to meet you, and how much I miss you. It’s such a weird feeling being without you, because I know you exist somewhere. I want you to feel my love for you, and I hope if you’re looking down on me, you don’t think I’m a crazy for being so impatient to have you in my arms. I really just want to know you, and see your beautiful faces.

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