Conference Weekend

Again, I have nothing particular to post about, but I decided I will anyway. So lately I’ve been really missing Nate. He’s been super busy with school, work, his calling in the Young Men’s presidency, getting ready for a dance concert and lots of other things and while they’re all things I support its been hard not seeing him so often or being able to have dates regularly so he “april foolsed” me by cancelling us going to the mission reunion and going out for a quick dinner then to a movie. It was SO nice to be able to have some Nate time and be able to have fun together. I definitely missed it. PS. We saw Unknown. It wouldn’t recommend it unless you take some serious anxiety meds. It was SO intense! I was shaking and was so nervous I almost walked out of the theater just to compose myself! It was so funny. But overall the movie was good. I liked Liam Neeson better in Taken though. I recommend that one over Unknown. And then today was conference and priesthood session. It was so fun to be able to watch conference together in our own home and be married. I liked knowing that the principles I learned I couldn’t just apply into my own life that Nate and I would have to work together. It was just nice a realization that I’m no longer in it alone, that all the things I do to progress will be with Nate and that will have to progress together. Its such a blessing to me though, to have him in my life and that I can have him to help me apply the principles I learned today (and more to come tomorrow). Then for priesthood session I went over to Nate’s parent’s house and hung out with Carrie, Ashley Amanda and Ashley’s kids, brook and dallin. It was so fun. I played with the kids out side and they were cracking me up. It started raining so we played in the garage instead of out side but Brooke kept wanting to go outside. I told her she would get sick so we had to play in the garage or in the house, so she covered her mouth went outside in the rain and said look, i won’t get sick if i cover my mouth. It cracked me up. And Dallin found a paint roller that didn’t have the sponge thing on it and he picked it up and called it a mini lawn mower. It was so funny. he would run around the garage rolling it on the ground. Funny kids.

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