First Post!

So, I’ve been waiting and waiting to post something fun and memorable for our first post, but apparently our lives are boring, so I’m just going to post to get it out of the way and get the ball rolling.

Nate and I are having a blast being married. It’s Nate’s spring break and he’s been having a ball this week. Last night he got to go to a Jazz game with his friend Matt. They had tickets on the eighth row and Nate was just so excited. He couldn’t stop talking about it last night. So cute.

I just hung out all night and made Nate a card and watched reruns of the office. It was a pretty peaceful night

Oh, also, we have this crazy neighbor that when his baby is crying he screams at it and says a lot of naughty words. It’s quite lovely. I get to wake up to it all the time. Anyway yesterday he and his wife/girlfriend started fighting and at first it was really quite entertaining. They sounded like they belong on MTV, spouting off things like “I hope you get an STD” and other inappropriate comments because he’s apparently cheated on her with Jessica (also known as other nasty words) the night before. Anyway It was really quite hilarious until it turned violent. The crazy part, the wife/girlfriend threw the first punch!

It ended up that I called the cops because she was screaming as he was hitting her. It was crazy. Anyway, all is well though. The wife/girlfriend had someone come pick her up but the cops got there before she could leave and they took her away and the person who came to pick her up took the baby. So all is well again in our little apartment complex. I didn’t even wake up to screaming this morning. How peaceful.

And there it is, our first post. Not too exciting, but hopefully I’ll get better at telling these stories (and hopefully they’re less crazy) as time goes on.

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