Happy Birthday Babe!

Nate! I love you so much! I can’t even express my appreciation and love for you. I want you to know every day, but today especially how grateful I am you’re in my life. I never believed how anyone could use the words “You mean everything to me” until you. Now, those words seem flat compared to how I feel. You are more than everything to me. You’re the man I get to spend eternity with, and that’s not long enough.

Every day is a new adventure with you, from your silly songs and dances to your sweet kisses on my cheeks. I love every minute I get to be with you. I love your energy for life and the way you make me happy always.

I love that each time I see you I get butterflies… Like today when you surprised me (on your birthday… seems backwards) and came to my work. Seeing you walk up the stairs made my stomach drop. I love that feeling. I know it will never go away.

I love that you’re so supportive of me and everything I want to do in my life. I love that you’ve shown me what true happiness is. I also love that when I forget that I’m so happy, you’re there for me to cry to.

I love that you’re so responsible. Especially in the important things; like saying our prayers morning and night and reading our scriptures every day. Our children will be so blessed to have you as their father to show them the importance of the gospel and the love that God has for them. I know they’ll see that through you.

Thank you for choosing me, babe. I’m truly the luckiest girl ever. You’re the man I’ve always dreamed of and I’m so glad I found you and tricked you into loving me. 😉

Nate, you are my everything. Life would be completely meaningless without you. Thank you for loving me so much. I love that you make it look so easy. Thank you for that.




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