In the thick of things

Well I haven’t posted in a while hoping that I would be able to have some great news. I have some… But also some bad. I went to the hospital on the 21st for hyper stimulation and while that was a blast, everything cleared up by Sunday for us to do the transfer. It was my birthday, so I definitely got the best birthday present I could have ever asked for! They transferred two embryos, one was ten cells, the other was eight.

There was only one more growing, a five cell, we’d lost two more that Friday morning, and the five cell wasn’t looking too great. They told us they’d keep watching it and on Christmas Eve they called to say it had arrested in development, and we’re going to stop its culture that day. So none to freeze.
We continued to be hopeful and on Sunday I was sure it didn’t work. Of course I was somewhat hopeful that it did, I just had a feeling it didn’t. So Nate’s dad came over and gave us both beautiful blessings. It was such a comfort and it made me feel even more grateful for the gospel, the plan of salvation and the priesthood. It’s helped me stay hopeful a little and yesterday I went back to pinning baby stuff thinking maybe it had worked.
I woke up this morning with signs that it either hadn’t worked or that I’m miscarrying. It’s truly so frightening. I went into the dr and we’re just waiting for the dr to call with results.
It’s not over yet. I’m clinging to my faith that this will work, that things will some how change, but I also know I need to be logical and prepare myself for the worst while hoping for the best.
I am truly so grateful for everyone who has helped us get to this point and for the opportunity either way it works out. We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we wait to find out the news. We’ll keep you posted. Thank you again!

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