Kyrie’s First Two Days

I am SO late in posting pictures from Kyrie’s birth. If you want the details of how she came to our family, check out the podcast that we recorded the day after she was born! I hope you guys can forgive me in being so late, I wanted to get Kyrie’s birth parent’s approval to post pictures of them and their names. This hasn’t happened yet. So you’ll just have to trust me they’re amazing people and we have (in my opinion) some of the most telling pictures of their character!

Kyrie was (and still is) the most beautiful baby we’d (we’ve) ever seen! She radiated goodness. Here she’s holding Nate’s hand and seriously looking adorable! She always had to sleep with her hands near her face… which is the cutest thing ever.IMG_2064As soon as we met Kyrie we fell in love. The same was true with B and N. As if asking our social worker to wait to call us until Mother’s Day wasn’t thoughtful enough, they were very specific about us meeting Kyrie (they used the words “presenting her” to us) when she was wrapped in a blanket N made for her. Both N and B always referred to us as Kyrie’s mom and dad and offered for us to have family come meet her while in their room.

They are the most selfless people we’ve ever met. And even more amazing, is that while they were so content with placing Kyrie with us, their love for her was absolutely undeniable. Just look at this picture. Beautiful.

{Use your imagination… Picture a selfless mother lovingly watch the woman who her child will call mom, hold her child for the first time… If I get permission to share this picture, I’ll add it! In the meantime, just know it’s the most treasured picture I have from that day.}

In the nursery right before her first bath. We were so lucky and got there in time to stop them from bathing her so Nate could do the first bath. Witnessing that was one of the best moments of my life. But we’re getting to that…IMG_6747Most of the pictures are of Nate with her, I was just snapping away and didn’t think about having more pictures of me with her or all of us taken. Sorry!IMG_6773She loved the warming table that she was on before and after her bath. Insta-sleep.Nate-and-Kyrie-CollageHer first bath was magical. She loved her head rubbed. (That’s something she still loves. Whether she’s in the bath or not, she loves a good head rub!)IMG_6757The way she instantly felt safe in Nate’s arms and seeing the smile on his face… It was so comforting. I knew she was ours because I could see she knew she was his, and he knew she was too. (Just to clarify, I was never unsure, it was just, even more, apparent.)IMG_6761IMG_6767IMG_6757After her bath, we went back to the room with B and N. We had great conversations with them and our families got to come meet her and them. We returned to the nursery (the only place we could be with her unless we were with B and N) and fed her.IMG_6790 IMG_6782As hard as it was to only visit her in the nursery, we were so grateful we had those moments with her and with B and N. Kyrie was born on a Tuesday in May, the next day we got to visit with her birth parents again and take pictures. Then they signed their rights over to Act of Love, and then they checked out. While the next picture is so happy, as it was our first family picture with the three of us (also forgive the super dark editing… I didn’t notice that at first and now I don’t want to go back to fix it.) The photo after that is by far my favorite.IMG_6795Because here… our family grew by 3, not 1. So grateful to have B and N as a part of our family’s orchard! We sure do love them so much!

{Time for your imagination again… The 5 of us, B and N, Nate, Kyrie and me. B was staring at Kyrie with the most adoring look on his face. N is holding her and Nate and I are in heaven smiling at the camera.}

And…(with the help of your imagination, for now) can you see how much BOTH her dad’s love her in this post?! It’s heart melting. Kyrie has to be the most loved girl in the world.

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