Letters to our Littles- First letter from Mom

Dear Littles,

Today I want you to know how impatient I am to meet you, and how much I miss you. It’s such a weird feeling being without you, because I know you exist somewhere. I want you to feel my love for you, and I hope if you’re looking down on me, you don’t think I’m a crazy for being so impatient to have you in my arms. I really just want to know you, and see your beautiful faces.

I think about you often, and I can’t wait for you to come to earth, or our family if you’re already here, and for us to be able to provide for you. I can’t wait until you see your dad and to be able to witness his reaction to you. He is going to be the best dad out there. I also can’t wait to read books to you, the Book of Mormon especially, to teach you about God. I want to see you grow up in Him, and to become more like Him and His son. I can’t wait to see you all make decisions and learn your personalities. I can’t wait to see you do so many things. Like play basketball with your dad, or go to sports games with him. This will make him so happy.

I can’t wait for your little league games, swimming lessons, and dance classes. I can’t wait until days are completely focused around you and what you’re doing, and I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off… and I know Im’ going to have those days, and I can’t wait to have them with you!

There’s so much I want to share with you! And so much I know I’m going to learn from you! I definitely can’t wait for that! I can’t wait for the days you are mad at me, and I get to show you I love you no matter what you do. I can’t wait.

In summation, I can’t wait, So please hurry to me!

Love Always,


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