Letters to our Littles– We’re getting closer

Dear Littles,

I want to tell you about our enthusiasm in trying to find you! Right now we’re filling out paperwork and creating a profile for one of your birth moms to pick us to be sealed to you, raise you, learn from you and grow with you. I want all of you to know that we will be equally excited to find each of you. We are so excited to bring you into our home and family and experience all that you have to offer this world.

I feel so overly excited about this process. I know I should be more reserved and probably nervous about the whole thing, but I’m just excited to meet one of you! As we prepare for this, I just feel humbled to that I’ll be the one not only that your birth mom chose to raise you, but that you and God both chose to raise each of you as well.

Sometimes I think the greatest desire and fear I have is to be a mother. It’s such a strange thing. I want so badly to be with my you; I want you in my life. But I’m so scared of ever hurting you. I just want to badly to be enough for you.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked from what I really wanted to say… and that’s this… We’re getting closer! Closer to finding you, closer to having you in our home, our arms and even more in our hearts. I’ve been pinning on Pinterest so many signs to help you understand adoption, know you are loved, and of course, cute things for your nursery! (I hope you know what Pinterest is when you’re old enough to read this, it’s really quite genius! :)) I’m just getting so excited to meet you and hug you! That moment is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to take you to your first doctors appointments, and to watch you change my whole universe when you say your first word or take your first step. I really just can’t wait. And not just in a desperate way, but in an excited for everything you’re going to bring to our home and family way.

I hope you feel the same way about us and coming here. I hope we’ve prepared enough for you, and that you will be as grateful for us as we are for you!

Love always,


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