Newborn Photos

After Kyrie was born we were really shy about taking her out and about. We knew she’d have to be around our girls a lot, and at times West Ridge was a breeding ground for illnesses (close quarters and never leaving means once a girl gets sick, they all do.) so we wanted to keep her as healthy as possible. But I also REALLY wanted some newborn pictures, so we opted for FotoFly indoor sessions that are only 45 minutes. I loved that we weren’t there long and only had one person (who washed his hands before handling her, thankfully!) around her. I know I’m crazy, but that was reassuring to me. Also, their studio was MUCH cleaner than a JC Penny photo lab… So for all you other germ-afraid mom’s out there, check out FotoFly!

We came prepared with our own props which I think helped us get some super personal and fun pictures! The photographer said it doesn’t happen often but he liked it because he could have more time to shoot and get more pictures, which I obviously liked too! Not much else to say about them, they speak for themselves…and well, this girl is beautiful!

Go Team!


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