Our New Addition… Remington Farr!

We have a new addition to our family! His name is Remington Farr, or Remi for short. And short he is… He is 1 pound 4 ounces and is about eight inches tall. Hes a Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier Mix

He was a sleepy boy when i took these, but that’s the only time he holds still long enough to take his picture. 

Remington is very feisty. He loves to chew on things (especially people) and loves to run. When he eats he leans so far over his back feet come off the ground. Its adorable. He just learned to climb the stairs and has jumped down two stairs so far. He’s pretty brave and tries to jump out of our hands when he wants down. Not cool. He stays true to his terrier form by digging outside whenever he can and you can tell he’s a  Pomeranian by his little bark. 
We love our Remi. He’s everything we could want in a dog and in our family. 
Also… another update! Next week we move to Texas! Nate has a summer sales job in Dallas and I”ll be working in the office of the same company. We are so excited! Its going to be a great adventure for us and I’m excited to start work again! 

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