Preparations to Adopt!

Eeeekkkk! Guys! We’re getting ready to adopt again! YAY!!! We are so thrilled and cannot wait to add another little on to our family! BUT… as we already know, adoption takes time! Lots of time…and energy…and money…and tears… but it’s SOOO worth it! We’re hoping to be prepared to start the process again at the end of 2017!

The last time we prepared to adopt we did some fundraising and were generously blessed by friends and family members who gave up their time, energy, money, and tears. We couldn’t be more blessed with the great people we have in our lives who have done SO much to bring our family together. We often try to express our gratitude, but it always falls short.

As we prepare to adopt this time we feel fortunate to be in a better place financially. We are working hard to save on expenses and stretch our dollars and feel like we’re inching along. We don’t want to ask anyone to help with fundraisers or donations, so we’ve flipped through idea after idea to find a way to enlist help without asking for money. Here’s what we found… offers an affiliate incentive to those who are willing to refer people to products listed on their website. The cost is no more for the people buying the items, and it doesn’t come out of the pocket of those who list on Amazon. Instead, Amazon takes a portion of their income from each referred sale and gives it to the affiliate that referred them to purchase from there.

We love this idea because regardless of what you’re buying if you’re consistently ordering from Amazon, all you have to do is use a link! Don’t want to memorize the link each time? You can bookmark it on your browser, and it’ll take you there each time! There are some kinks in the plan, though. Ordering from the Amazon app doesn’t allow you to use a link to the homepage, which means you’d have to order exclusively on your desktop. There is a workaround option for that, but it might not be worth it for everyone. So… If you want to help out by buying items from Amazon but will likely use the app more than a web browser, let me know, and I can explain the details!

For everyone else, you literally just have to copy the link below, paste it into your browser, add it to your bookmarks bar and use it each time you go to! Each month we’ll report any income here to help everyone see how helpful they are! Again, we have been SOO blessed by so many and don’t want to ask anyone for donations! We’d rather invite those who use Amazon to use our affiliate link so we can get closer to adopting! We are so grateful for everyone and cannot wait to add a little one (and hopefully their birth parents, too!) to our family!


If you have any questions about how to use the affiliate link, let me know! Here’s the link for you to use!

If you don’t have Amazon Prime (free two-day shipping on EVERYTHING, plus a million other fantastic offers all the time!), but want to try it out, click on the ad at the bottom of this post so we get credit for referring you and then use the affiliate link to help us adopt!

If you want to know more about the costs of adoption let us know! We love to talk about adoption and help people understand all the good stuff that comes along with all the hard things!


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