Scavenger Hunt

So the other day I was feeling super bored at home so I decided I’d send Nate on a little scavenger hunt. I thought it was fun haha I think Nate did too. 🙂 

Anyway first I wrote him a note to go to Costa Vida, order 2 entrees and then tell them his name. I gave them a note ahead of time to have them give to him, it gave him directions of where to find me haha although it was pretty vague because i wasn’t sure WHERE at the pond I would be haha 
I took this while I was waiting. I was there about forty five minutes before he was so I had plenty of time to  roast in the heat. Then I got a phone call… From Nate. Apparently Remi chewed up the first note so he had no idea what was going on. haha I had to explain it all to him which made it less fun but more memorable haha. 

He finally arrived and I was just so happy to be spending some time with him. 🙂 (notice my smeared makeup… awesome.) 

This is the view from where we were and the dock that we were on. 🙂 What fun it was! We’ll definitely be doing that again! Maybe one more planned out with more stops and stuff 

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