Testings over. The results are in.

So here it is for all of you who don’t know:

Nate and I have been trying to have kids since January 2011. In December of 2011 after not getting pregnant we went in for testing. We’ve been in testing ever since to try to find out and the results came in two weeks before we moved to Texas. We aren’t able to have kids.

We tried to tell everyone in person but obviously couldn’t get to it. which is why we’re posting this. Also it took so long to post because I still don’t think I’ve fully wrapped my head around it just yet. I still find  myself thinking “what if I’m pregnant” or “when I get pregnant” and “will our babies have my hair?” As hard as those thoughts might be sometimes I have to say we’re coping. And we’re really doing well. It’s hard at times that’s for sure, but mostly I feel comfort. Its so nice knowing what’s wrong now and feeling like we can start another chapter in our life together… which will be ADOPTION!

We are so happy to be able to adopt and feel like it will be such a blessing in our family. We’ve always wanted to adopt at least two kids, so yeah, maybe plans changed a little and we’ll be adopting all of our kids, but we are truly so happy for the blessing of adoption. It gives us closure and makes taking the news so much easier.

Of course, we have our reservations, and the task is not a small one, or something to be taken lightly but are we ever so excited to get this process going… Unfortunately we won’t be able to do that until November (LDS Family Services requires two years of marriage… it might actually be a law? I don’t know) but once we do our excitement will only elevate I’m sure. We’re just so excited to start a family together. We have strong testimonies that the babies we adopt will be tailored towards us and will be meant for our family.

So now we have a favor to ask of anyone reading this blog… If you know of anyone seeking adoption for their baby, please let them know about us. Even though we can’t start the process until November, we want to get the word out to make our chances of getting a baby higher. We don’t want to take this process lightly, as I said earlier, we’ll cherish those who sacrifice so much for us for eternity… so please let them know about us!

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  1. I swear I commented last night. Not sure what happened to that. Anyway. I am so sad for you guys, but so excited for November. And so excited for the moment I get to snuggle a new niece or nephew. You guys are going to be awesome parents.

  2. I feel the same as Ashley – so sad for you, but so excited! We admire your faith and courage and know that “it will all be OK in the end… if it’s not OK then it is not the end”. We love you and can’t wait for the adventure to come of finding your sweet little child!! We will start praying for the sweet birth mom and dad!

    • Definitely pray for them! I just posted on Ashley’s comment that I’ve been watching 16 and pregnant hoping someone will choose adoption… just to give me hope that some people choose it instead of abortion. It makes me so grateful for the people that have to make that decision and hope that we’ll be able to give the support that they need from us when we do adopt!

  3. I meant to tell you this before, but I forgot. A lawyer that my dad has worked with for years works a lot with adoptions. I know there is a lot of paperwork and processes to go through with adoption, so a lawyer is nice (maybe even necessary, I’m not sure). When you’re ready I could probably hook you guys up. I’m glad that you guys are relying on the Lord for this. You’ll be blessed, I know it! Hang in there! (Oh, this is really Kara on Chris’s account.)

    • Kara! That would be great! I mean, we’re going through an agency, so I’m not sure how adoption lawyers work with agencies, but I definitely want someone to at least go over the paperwork with us and help us understand what we’re signing and things like that! So i’ll definitely let you know!

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